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Dangerous or Defective Design or Manufacture of Truck Parts

Recovering Damages after an Injury Caused by a Dangerous or Defective Auto Part

large truckDesigners and manufacturers of consumer goods, including truck components, have a duty to ensure that the products they sell are not unreasonably dangerous. Unfortunately, in the rush to get products to the market, many companies cut corners. If you suffer injury because of exposure to or the breakdown of a defective or dangerous product, you have a right to seek compensation for all your losses.

The Different Types of Liability for Dangerous or Defective Truck Parts

A claim based on injury caused by the malfunction of a consumer product, or because of exposure to or use of an inherently dangerous product, is known as a product liability claim.

There are generally three bases for a product liability claim:

  • Negligence in the design of the product – This type of claim asserts that the product designer did not act reasonably when conceiving how the product would work or would be constructed. It essentially says that, even if the product is manufactured according to specifications, using the highest quality materials, there’ still an unreasonable risk of injury due to poor design.
  • Negligence in the manufacture of the product – This claim says that the company manufacturing or constructing the product either failed to take basic safety concerns into consideration, or use inappropriate methods or materials
  • Negligence in the marketing of the product, including any instructions with the device – This type of claims contends that the manufacturer failed to consider possible reasonable uses of the product, and failed to warn potential users of the risks involved.

The Types of Truck Part Product Liability Claims

You can file a negligence claim for any type of defect in the design or manufacture of a truck part, including:

  • Defective brakes, steering mechanisms, hydraulic controls or tires
  • Defective coupling between tractor and trailer
  • Defective tie-downs, such that cargo can shift during transit
  • Faulty ABS systems

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