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Electrocutions at Construction Sites

The Risk of Electrocution at a Construction Site

Construction worker with hardhatIn terms of risk of death on a construction site, electrocution (8.6%) comes in third, behind falls (37%) and falling objects (10%). Faulty electrical wiring, components or equipment are among the top ten most frequently cited violations by OSHA on construction sites nationwide.

The Most Frequent Causes of Electrocution on a Construction Site

The common causes of jobsite electrocutions are varied, and can include:

  • The failure to properly ground live electrical wires
  • Contact with overhead power lines
  • The failure to properly mark construction zones, so that workers or others know of potential exposure to electrical current
  • The use of the wrong tools or of dangerous or defective equipment
  • Poor or inadequate lighting on a job site

For workers in non-electrical trades, the principal cause of injury or death involving electricity on a construction site is contact with overhead power lines (56%). The two most common reasons for those injuries are that workers either fail to maintain the OSHA-mandated clearance from overhead power lines, or fail to turn off power to overhead lines when working close to them. Many of the construction workers who suffered injury or death after contacting an overhead power line were operating some type of crane, lift or other aerial device, and struck the line with the equipment.

The typical types of injuries include burns, electrical shock, falls caused by exposure to electrical current, and death by electrocution.

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