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How To Protect Yourself after a Car Accident

Taking the Right Steps to Protect Your Interests after a Car Crash

When you have been involved in a car accident, your first concern is for your immediate health. Woman in car accidentDo you have any injuries that require serious and timely medical attention? If so, then your focus must be on getting the treatment you need. However, once you know that your injuries have been properly addressed, it’s critical that you take additional steps to protect your legal rights. You may lose time from work because of your accident. Some of your medical expenses may not be covered by insurance. You may need long term medical care, including physical therapy and rehabilitation, and may suffer pain for an extended period of time.

Gather All Necessary Information

The best way to protect yourself after an auto accident is to hire an attorney. A lawyer will make certain that you pursue damages for all your losses, and that all potentially responsible parties are identified and held accountable.

The more specific information you can provide your attorney, the better your chances of recovering full and fair compensation for all your losses. Your lawyer will want:

  • Complete contact information for everyone involved in the accident, as well as all witnesses. This includes name, phone number, address and insurance provider.
  • Pictures from the scene, if possible—You can use your phone to take pictures, and will want pictures of the scene of the accident, the damage to any vehicle, any injuries you suffered, any relevant road or traffic signs, and evidence to support your claim (such as skid marks).
  • Your medical information—When you seek treatment, make certain you tell doctors exactly what happened, and that you advise them of anything that is out of the ordinary. Don’t focus exclusively on your serious or apparent injuries. Some of the most debilitating conditions, such as back or neck injuries, may not manifest immediately.
  • Your insurance information—Make certain your lawyer has all current information on medical and automobile insurance coverage, with appropriate contact information.

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We take all motor vehicle accident injury claims on a contingency basis. You will not incur legal fees unless attorney Popper recovers compensation for your losses.