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Injuries Caused by Snow and Ice—The Duties of Property Owners in New Jersey

Injuries Caused by Snow and Ice

The Duties of Property Owners in New Jersey

snow on stoops slip and fall injuriesIt’s winter in New Jersey and accumulations of snow and ice are common. Under New Jersey law, property owners must take reasonable steps to minimize the risk of injury to anyone legally on the property. What duties does that impose with respect to the accumulation and removal of snow and ice?

The duties with respect to the maintenance of real property extend not only to owners, but to anyone who exercises control over the premises, including a landlord, tenant or property manager. The obligation, however, is not an absolute one—the person with control of the property must only engage in reasonable acts to ensure visitor safety. Accordingly, there’s no requirement that sidewalks, steps, eaves or roofs be completely free of snow or ice. It may, however, be reasonable to expect that a property owner will monitor the weather, either through active observation or the use of weather forecasts, in order to anticipate and respond to dangerous weather conditions.

Other reasonable measures may include:

  • Applying salt, sand or other substances on a regular basis, or to have buckets of sand or salt available near places that accumulate snow or ice
  •  Engaging a plowing or snow removal service to actively monitor and respond to accumulations of snow or ice
  •  Assigning a specific employee to monitor weather conditions and to remedy snowy or icy conditions as soon as possible

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