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Recovering Compensation for Injuries that Take a Long Time to Heal

Injuries with a Long Recovery Period—Getting Full and Fair Compensation

Often, when you have suffered a personal injury, there are multiple consequences. Some of your injuries will be readily apparent, and you will be able to effectively track your return to health. Some, however, may not be as obvious, or may take months or even years to remedy, if possible. You may need multiple surgeries—a common occurrence with burn injuries and other catastrophic injuries. If your accident has caused some damage to nerves, you may require extensive physical therapy for a long period of time.

The key component to getting the compensation you need to cover your expenses throughout recovery is the selection of your personal injury lawyer. You need an attorney who knows and understands the full range of loss that can stem from a specific type of injury. Your attorney must be knowledgeable and capable of working with expert witnesses, including medical professionals, so that the jury has a clear picture of the potential complications you face.

It’s important to understand that your damages in a personal injury lawsuit are not limited to losses you have already incurred. However, to recover for future medical expenses or losses, you must demonstrate to a jury that there is a reasonable likelihood that you will need treatment for a certain amount of time. Typically, this is shown through the testimony of medical experts.

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