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Recovering Damages after a Burn Injury

Recovering Damages after a Burn InjuryWhile burns can cause some of the most painful and debilitating injuries that you can suffer, these types of claims can also pose some of the most challenging cases. Whether you are suing and individual, an employer or a manufacturer, you need to move quickly to gather and preserve evidence, and you need an experienced attorney who understands the many injuries that can occur in a fire.

Gathering the Necessary Evidence

Establishing fault can be tricky in a burn case. In many instances, the responsibility may stem from a failure to act—the failure to install smoke alarms or to maintain extinguishers or sprinklers. In other situations, it may result from carelessness in locating items near a fire hazard, or from design or manufacturing defects tied to a specific product, machine or appliance.

It’s important to understand, too, that there may be more than one party at fault. Furthermore, even if you were negligent in some respect, there’s still a possibility that you may recover compensation if there are other negligent parties.

The Types of Injuries Suffered in a Fire or Burn Accident

There are a wide range of physical and emotional losses that have been tied to fires or burn accidents, including:

  • Permanent scarring or disfigurement
  • Amputation or loss of limb
  • Loss of mobility
  • Continued pain and suffering at the location of a burn
  • Changes in body chemistry
  • Damage to internal organs, including heat and smoke inhalation
  • Emotional distress

In a lawsuit to recover compensation for burn injuries, it’s customary to ask for a wide range of damages, such as:

  • All past, current and future medical expenses resulting from the burn
  • The cost of skin graft, cosmetic surgery or scar revision surgery
  • Any rehabilitation or physical therapy required
  • Occupational therapy
  • Emotional counseling

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