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Tips for Minimizing the Risk of a Motor Vehicle Accident in the Summer

Things You Can Do to Stay Safe When There’s More Traffic on the Roads

tips-for-minimizing-the-risk-of-a-motor-vehicle-accident-in-the-summerStatistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that the number of miles logged on American roadways goes up significantly during summer months. The reasons are pretty straightforward:

  • All those younger drivers who spend most of their days in class the rest of the year spend a significant portion of their waking hours behind the wheel of a car during the summer.
  • It’s summer vacation time, with families taking cross-country trips.
  • The weather’s nice, so more people head to the park, the beach, or other outdoor destinations.

Unfortunately, despite numerous public service campaigns to increase driver awareness of summer traffic, the accident rate during summer months remains higher than the rest of the year. Simply put, when more vehicles are driving more miles, the number of crashes goes up.

What Can You Do to Reduce the Risk of a Motor Vehicle Accident in New Jersey This Summer?

With many accidents, there’s little you can do to guarantee your safety—it’s just a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But there are things you can personally do that can lower the risk of a mishap behind the wheel:

  • Maintain your vehicle—It’s not just the big things, like tires, brakes, and transmission. Check that all your warning lights are working properly. Make certain that your seatbelts function properly, that you have good wiper blades, that your battery works, and that your car is prepared for the summer heat.
  • Know where you’re going—Many accidents occur because drivers are unfamiliar with the roads. Furthermore, watching a GPS while you’re driving can be dangerous, as it takes your eyes off the road. Map out your route before you go, and you’ll be safer.
  • Use appropriate safety gear—In a car or truck, always wear a seatbelt, and be sure children have an age-appropriate car seat. On a motorcycle, wear a helmet, good gloves, and other gear to protect you from road rash or similar injuries.
  • Avoid risky behaviors—The common causes of motor vehicle accidents are no secret:

    • Don’t drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs—If you’re going to a beach party, bring a designated driver.
    • Obey all traffic laws—Those laws were enacted to protect your safety and the safety of others.
    • Keep your eyes on the road—Don’t use drive time to look at emails, text messages, or other things on a handheld device. It’s not the right time to groom, and it can be dangerous to eat or drink behind the wheel. Don’t avert your attention to talk to passengers, deal with unruly kids, or marvel at a roadside attraction.

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