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Common Causes of Falls in Nursing Homes

Falls Found to Be a Frequent Cause of Nursing Home Injury

Common Causes of Falls in Nursing HomesThe statistics are staggering—

  • More than half of all nursing home patients in America suffer a fall each year, and the average nursing home resident falls nearly three times a year
  • Deaths from falls account for about one in every five fatalities involving elder Americans
  • About one in three nursing home patients who are injured in falls are bed-bound
  • Approximately 5% of nursing home residents who suffer a fall end up with broken bones

The Common Causes of Nursing Home Falls

There are many factors that can lead to a fall by a nursing home resident:

  • Many seniors have lost muscle strength and have difficulty walking without assistance. Nonetheless, they are allowed to move around unsupervised. Falls caused by muscle weakness account for about one of every four nursing home falls.
  • The hallways and other areas in nursing homes are usually full of equipment that may potentially lead to a fall, including wheelchairs, food carts and other devices
  • Environmental hazards can contribute to conditions that cause falls. That may involve bad lighting, wet or slippery floors, wheelchair issues and beds that are either too high or don’t have proper restraints.
  • Medications that affect balance or make residents sleepy or listless can lead to falls
  • Lack of supervision, failure to properly install restraints, and carelessness in maintaining or setting up walkers may all increase the risk of a fall

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