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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Common Causes of Motorcycle AccidentsIt’s one of the enduring symbols of freedom in America—a motorcyclist, shades on, hair blown back, fully exposed to all nature has to offer. But with that freedom comes a price. A motorcyclist is more than 25 times more likely to be fatally injured in an accident than a person in a car.

Statistics show that bikers have five times the rate of injury as automobile operators. And in two out of every three accidents involving a motorcycle, the other driver caused the wreck. So how does it happen? How is it that motorcycles are involved in so many crashes?

Motorcycles Are More Greatly Affected by Road Hazards

Let’s face it…our roadways are almost always in need of repair. When you’re in a car or truck, hitting a pothole, slippery road, gravel or even railroad tracks will rarely cause you to lose control and have an accident. But on a motorcycle, those roadway defects can be extremely dangerous.

Other Motorists Pay Less Attention to Motorcycles

.Even though there have been national public service campaigns to heighten awareness of the presence of bikers on the roads, many drivers still plead that they “didn’t see” the motorcycle until it was too late. Estimates are that approximately three out of four car-motorcycle accidents are at intersections and that the bulk of those involve drivers who claim they never saw the motorcycle.

A Motorcycle Requires More Expertise to Safely Drive

A motor vehicle with four wheels can be far more forgiving to the operator than a motorcycle, offering much greater stability, and an extremely low risk of rolling over. With a motorcycle, anything that throws off your balance—the wind, a stone in the road, the draft from a passing vehicle—can send you into a spin and put you down on the road.

Some Bikes May Be Prone to “Speed Wobble”

With some motorcycles, if you travel at higher speeds, the bike can start to wobble. Typically, this is a manufacturing or design defect.

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