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Common Mistakes People Make after a Car Accident

Ways that You Can Jeopardize Your Full Recovery after a Wreck

Common Mistakes People Make after a Car AccidentMotor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of personal injury in the United States, with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics showing an average of almost 15,000 accidents nationwide every day. Studies show that, even in collisions with minimal impact, drivers and passengers can suffer serious and debilitating injuries. Unfortunately, many people fail to do the right things after a motor vehicle crash, often compromising their right to recovery for their losses. Here are the most common mistakes:

  • Leaving the scene of the accident too early—You may think your injuries were insignificant or you may think that it’s more important to get where you were going. If you leave too early, before police arrive or before you’ve had an opportunity to gather information from witnesses or others involved in the accident, you will likely find it difficult to fully recover for your losses. Additionally, under New Jersey law, you may be cited with a traffic violation for wrongfully leaving the scene of an accident.
  • Failing to get a police report of the accident—While you can still seek compensation after an accident without a police report, it will often be extremely helpful in establishing liability. New Jersey law requires that you provide “immediate notice” to law enforcement agencies using the “quickest means of communication.”
  • Failing to get immediate medical attention—The longer you wait to seek medical care, the greater the risk of two undesirable consequences: you may have an intervening accident, making it difficult to prove in court the actual cause of your injuries, and you may provide ammunition for defense attorneys to argue that your injuries are not that serious
  • Making any statements about fault or cause of the accident on the scene—The adrenaline your body produces in the immediate aftermath of a collision can cause you to talk too much. The less you say, the better, so that you don’t make statements that might compromise your claims.

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