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Dealing With Serious Injuries After a Car Crash

When You Suffer Serious and Catastrophic Injuries in a Car Accident

Man in wheelchair with a broken armAccording to studies, when you are involved in a motor vehicle accident there’s a one in five chance that your injuries will be moderate to serious, involving fractures, internal injuries, unconsciousness or the inability to leave the scene under your own power. When you have suffered a serious and catastrophic injury, there are steps you should take to protect your rights so that you can recover full and fair compensation for all your losses.

The first step is to get all the care you need. This is not the time to shake it off and move forward. Stay exactly where you are and let the professionals take care of you. An emergency responder will know whether you should attempt to move under you own power, or whether you need to be put on a stretcher and carried to an ambulance.

To the extent possible, advise doctors and nurses of everything that feels out of the ordinary, no matter how small. Often, the symptoms of more serious injuries, such as back or internal injuries, are not readily apparent. Don’t focus on the broken leg and ignore the symptoms of a ruptured spleen. And ask the medical professional to document all symptoms in writing so that you have a record of all potential injuries or conditions.

You want to make certain that you have accurate information about any other drivers involved in the accident. Even though you may be unable to gather that information, there will likely be others at the scene who can.

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