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E-Cigarette Injury Lawsuits Filed in New Jersey

E-Cigarette Injury Lawsuits Filed in New JerseyThe e-cigarette or vaping industry has exploded over the past few years—in more ways than one. While sales of electronic cigarettes are expected to top $10 billion in 2017, the number of lawsuits claiming injuries caused by the products has escalated as well. In many instances, the injuries were caused when either a battery or some other part of the device exploded.

Four residents of New Jersey recently brought legal action against manufacturers, distributors and retailers of certain e-cigarettes:

  • A 16-year-old girl sought damages after an e-cig exploded in her face, knocking out four teeth and requiring plastic surgery on her mouth and lips
  • A Cumberland County man was hit on the leg by battery acid and shrapnel when a vaping device blew up in his pants pocket
  • A Berlin resident had 3rd degree burns on his leg when his e-cigarette exploded in his pants pocket
  • A teenage boy sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns to his chest and arms when his vaping device exploded

Attorneys representing the injured parties say that e-cigarette manufacturers have known for some time that the batteries in the devices have a tendency to overheat, leading to an explosion, but have failed to take any steps to address the problem. They also expressed concerns that one of the primary demographics for the product is teenagers—a study found that more teenagers use vaping devices than tobacco products. Researchers also say that a majority of teens using e-cigarettes say they had no knowledge that there were any safety risks.

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