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Friends Don’t Serve Friends Drinks And Let Them Drive

Hosting or attending a party is a great way to stay connected with your friends, whether it’s to celebrate a birthday, promotion, marriage, or just to catch up; everyone enjoys a good ole fashion house party once in awhile. But just what kind of risks are you taking in hosting or attending that social gathering?

Legally, a “social host” is any person who by express or implied invitation invites another person into their home and who legally provides alcoholic beverages to that social guest. If you, as a social host, serve alcohol to a guest who is “visibly intoxicated” and that guest leaves your party and causes injuries to a third person (for example, by drinking and driving), you can be held responsible for the injuries and damages caused by your guest.

Likewise, if you are a guest at a party and the social host over-serves you alcohol and doesn’t provide adequate transportation from the gathering, they may be held responsible for injuries and damages to a third party resulting from an accident that may occur while you are trying to get home.

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