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It’s Not Wrong to File a Lawsuit

Don’t Ever Feel Guilty About Protecting Your Rights

Man in a wheelchair working on a computerIf you have been hurt because of the carelessness or negligence of another person, you may be reluctant to hire an attorney and pursue compensation for your losses. You may feel pressure from others, who will tell you that “it was just an accident.” People may even accuse you of trying to take advantage of the other party or to get something for nothing. Don’t listen — if you have been injured by the wrongful act of another person, you have a right to seek reimbursement of your losses, and it’s only appropriate that the negligent party be held accountable.

The filing of a lawsuit accomplishes a number of desirable societal objectives. First, it passes the costs incurred by an injured party to the person responsible for the injury. Without the ability to take legal action to recover your losses, you could face financial ruin. And your financial security could be tenuous, subject to pure happenstance.

Additionally, if people could behave irresponsibly without any fear of being held accountable, the only interest they would have would be in self-preservation. Knowing that they’ll be held responsible for any damages incurred by another person provides a disincentive for negligent or careless behavior.

You shouldn’t mistakenly believe, either, that you should only take legal action for “serious” injuries. Often, those injuries that don’t immediately appear debilitating, such as back, neck and spinal cord injuries, can be most disabling over time. Furthermore, seemingly minor injuries can make it difficult to perform some of the most routine functions in life.

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