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Minimizing the Risk of a Motorcycle Accident in 2020

Steps You Can Take to Reduce the Risk of Injury

Minimizing the Risk of a Motorcycle Accident in 2020It’s nearly spring and, if you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, that means you’re probably starting to think about getting back on the road. It’s inherently dangerous to take a motorcycle on the roads—statistics show bikers are nearly 30 times more likely to suffer serious or fatal injuries compared to other motorists. But there are things you can do to minimize your risk of being in an accident.

  • Hone your riding skills—Even if you’re an experienced rider, it’s never a bad idea to take a safety course. It can help reinforce good riding habits and introduce you to new techniques that can increase safety.
  • Make certain you are visible—It’s usually the first comment from the driver of the other vehicle—”I didn’t see him.” Though there have been national campaigns to increase awareness of motorcycles on the roads, you still can’t expect other drivers to be looking for you. It’s your responsibility to take whatever measures you can to maximize your visibility. Wear bright clothing, use your turn signals, make certain brake lights and other vehicle lights are properly functioning, and stay out of other motorists’ blind spots.
  • Make certain your bike is functioning properly—Ideally, you should check the mechanical functions of your bike any time you ride. Make sure brakes, throttle, and lights work, and check tire pressure, horn, and mirrors.
  • Drive defensively—Often, the best strategy is to assume that other drivers are not aware of you. Proactively watch them, and be ready to take evasive measures, if necessary. If you maintain a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of you, you’ll have more time to take measures to avoid injury. Also keep an eye out for road hazards, including loose gravel, potholes, or water on the road.

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