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Motor Vehicle Accidents Involving Older Drivers

Injured in an Accident Involving an Older Driver?

It’s easy to complain about older drivers. Many of us have been stuck behind a senior citizen on a busy highway, and we’ve often complained, and have expressed concern about safety—theirs and ours. The reality, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), is that many older drivers are safer than their younger counterparts, but that a large number have also seen a diminishment of skills that make them a greater risk on the roads.

In the CDC study, researchers found that older drivers are more likely to use seat belts, less likely to drive while under the influence of alcohol or other substances, and less inclined to violate speed laws. At the same time, though, researchers concluded that, for many, problems with vision or with reaction times made many senior citizens less able to respond in a dangerous situation. Furthermore, the study showed that senior citizens who were injured in motor vehicle accidents had much longer recovery periods, and a greater susceptibility to complications from a car accident injury.

Statistics gathered by the CDC show that nearly 500 seniors are injured every day across the United States, and that an average of 15 older adults are killed daily in motor vehicle accidents. The risk of serious injury or death increases markedly after the age of 75, and even more so after the age of 80.

researchers found that the likelihood of being in a fatal motor vehicle accident increased significantly once a driver reached the age of 75.

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