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Ridgewood Student Files Lawsuit Alleging School Bullying

Ridgewood Student Files Lawsuit Alleging School BullyingTwo Ridgewood, New Jersey students have filed a lawsuit alleging bullying at Ridgewood High School during the past year. According to the complaint, one of the victims, identified in the lawsuit only as Bob Boe, had been subjected to bullying for some period of time. He alleged that he complained to school officials on numerous occasions, but was ignored.

The other plaintiff, known as Patty Poe, alleged that the defendants “bullied, harassed, intimidated, enticed or coerced” her to have her photo taken, without her face showing, and sent the photo to others. The complaint also alleges that the defendants urged her to commit suicide. When Bob Boe asked one of the defendants to stop harassing Patty Poe, the defendants told Boe he would have to fight them. When he declined, they attacked him, knocking him out. The complaint says that there were witnesses to the fight, some of whom took pictures and posted them on Snapchat.

The complaint alleges that the bullying continued, and when Boe asked the defendants to stop it, they beat him up again, fracturing his skull. Boe said that he did not report the incident to school officials because he did not believe, based on their prior conduct, that they would take any corrective action.

The civil suit seeks compensation for lost wages, medical expenses and physical pain and suffering. The named defendants include two students, their parents and Snapchat’s parent company.

Legal counsel for the plaintiffs say they also intend to join the Ridgewood Board of Education and at least two school administrators as defendants.

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