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Should You Settle or Take Your Personal Injury Claim to Trial?

Settlement vs. Trial—The Pros and Cons

Should You Settle or Take Your Personal Injury Claim to Trial?One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make, should you be injured because of someone else’s careless act, is whether to present your case to a judge and jury or try to resolve your dispute through a negotiated settlement. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. The ultimate decision should only be made through consultation with your attorney, based on the merits of your case and your individual needs. Here, though, are some of the fundamental differences between settlement and trial.

The Amount of Time Involved

Taking your case to trial must be viewed as a long-term commitment. Once your complaint is filed, the defendant will have a certain amount of time to respond. You’ll then conduct discovery, where evidence is gathered and preserved (a process that can take months or even years). After discovery, there are customarily hearings regarding evidence, motions to dismiss and other matters. Even when the trial finally begins, you’ll have jury selection, direct and cross examination, and oral arguments.

With a negotiated settlement, you’ll receive your award shortly after you reach agreement.

Your Control Over the Final Result

There’s always risk any time you take a case to a jury. You may believe that your facts are compelling, but juries can surprise you. Even if they rule in your favor, they may not award you the compensation you believe you deserve.

With a settlement, while you may need to make concessions or find compromise, you won’t be at the whim of a jury. You can accept or reject the offer made by the defendant or propose a counter-offer.

The Cost

Because your lawyer will likely bill you on a contingent fee basis, the extra time required to take your case to trial won’t equate to additional billable hours. You can, however, typically expect more out-of-pocket costs, should your case go to trial. Furthermore, many personal injury attorneys take a larger percentage of a jury verdict than a settlement.

The Potential Recovery

Studies show that, on average, a person who successfully recovers a jury award will get more than a person who settles a claim before trial. If you’re willing to take greater risk, you are likely to get greater reward.

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