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Slips and Falls on Snow and Ice

Snow and Ice-Related Injuries in New Jersey

Now that winter is officially here, business and home owners need to pay close attention to weather conditions, including the accumulation of snow and ice, so that visitors don’t suffer needless injury in a slip or fall. In New Jersey, as in other states, the owner of residential or commercial property has a duty to monitor and maintain premises in such a manner that the risk of injury to others is minimized. This entails watching out for potential dangers, and either fixing any problems or adequately warning others of the potential risk of injury.

The Duties Related to Snow and Ice

Under the law, a landowner, landlord or property manager must take “reasonable” steps to protect the safety of others. This is never an absolute guarantee of safety. However, with respect to the potential risks associated with the buildup of ice or snow, or of potential injuries sustained because of icy or snowy conditions, it may be reasonable to:

  • Actively monitor weather forecasts, so that you are prepared for sleet, ice, snow or blizzards
  • Engage the regular services of a snow/ice removal service, so that sidewalks, steps, parking lots, driveways and other thoroughfares are generally free of snow or ice
  • Assign an employee whose responsibility it is to monitor snowy or icy conditions, and to remove snow or ice in a timely manner
  • Regularly apply salt, sand or other non-skid materials to steps, sidewalks or other walkways, or have buckets of salt or sand available

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