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The Best Ways to Help Your Lawyer When You Have a Personal Injury Claim

The Things You Do Can Help Your Attorney Get the Best Results for You

The Best Ways to Help Your Lawyer When You Have a Personal Injury ClaimWhen you’ve been hurt because of someone else’s wrongful act, and you’ve hired experienced counsel to handle your claim, you’ve taken the first step toward protecting your rights and maximizing your recovery. But there are number things you need to do during the course of litigation to help your lawyer get the outcome you want.

Be Totally Transparent with Your Attorney

This may be the most important thing you do—tell your lawyer the whole story, warts and all. It’s essential, if you hope to get full and fair compensation for your losses, that your attorney never be surprised because you’ve failed to disclose relevant information. If your attorney knows the difficult details, he or she can build a case around them. If you fail to disclose important details that make it into the trial, it can have a damaging effect on your credibility with the jury. If the damaging information never comes up at trial, it will forever remain between you and your attorney, due to the attorney-client privilege.

Do Everything Your Doctor Tells You to Do

If you fail to follow your doctor’s advice or you miss appointments or treatment, you send a message to opposing counsel (and potentially to the jury) that you’re either not as injured as you claim you are or that your injury has little effect on you.

Keep a Tight Lip

Friends and family will want to know all about how your case is proceeding. The less you say, the better. Unbeknownst to you, an insurance company or even a defense lawyer may send private investigators to talk to those people. They can’t tell them what they don’t know, but anything they do say can be used against you in court.

While you’re at it, stay off of social media until your case is resolved. That eliminates the risk that a post or picture from your Facebook account will be used in court.

Provide Requested Documents in a Timely Manner

Don’t unnecessarily put your attorney in a position where he or she has to request an extension of time to file documents with the court. You won’t win any favors with the judge.

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