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The Common Causes of New Jersey Motorcycle Accidents

The Factors that Most Often Lead to Motorbike Accidents

The Common Causes of New Jersey Motorcycle AccidentsThere’s nothing like hitting the open road on a motorcycle. But there are inherent dangers as well. You can diligently pay attention to the road and drive defensively, but still be at risk of serious injury. More often than not the motorist who caused the accident will simply claim they ‘didn’t see you.” That won’t absolve them of liability, though.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in New Jersey?

Without a doubt, the most frequent cause of motorcycle accidents, in New Jersey and nationwide, is a lack of attention by other motorists. The at-fault driver may be distracted by a handheld device, another passenger in the vehicle, a roadside attraction, or even the radio. That lack of attention often leads to

  • Left turn accidents—This may involve an automobile making an improper left turn in front of a motorcycle with the right of way, or it may involve another driver failing to yield to a motorcycle making a legal left turn
  • Sideswipes—Many accidents occur when drivers fail to carefully check sideview mirrors and pull into the lane or path of a motorcycle
  • Head-on or rear-end collisions—These are among the most dangerous, leading to approximately half of all fatal motorcycle accidents

Road hazards are also a common cause of motorcycle accidents. Debris on the road, potholes, gravel or cracked pavement, uneven surfaces and water on the road can be extremely dangerous when you’re on a motorcycle.

Mechanical problems can also lead to motorcycle accidents. That may involve poorly designed or manufactured components on your bike, or it may involve substandard work by the garage that serviced your motorcycle.

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