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The Different Types of Product Liability Claims in New Jersey

Your Rights When Injured by a Dangerous or Defective Product

The Different Types of Product Liability Claims in New JerseyWhen you purchase an item off the shelf or online, you expect that the designers, manufacturers and distributors of the product have considered all the potential dangers that the product may pose, and have taken reasonable measures to minimize those risks. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Far too often, people suffer serious injury while properly using a product for its intended use.

If you have been hurt because of the malfunction of any product or as a result of the use or exposure to a consumer good, you have a right to seek compensation for your losses. As a general rule, there are three types of product liability claims

  • Negligent design—During the conception of a product, designers and manufacturers may fail to reasonably assess potential dangers posed by the product’s design. For example, a car with too high a center of gravity may be prone to rollovers. A utility knife that cannot be retracted may pose an unreasonable risk of cutting someone. With negligent design, it makes no difference how well-made the product is—it’s the design that poses the danger.
  • Negligent manufacture—There are many ways that a product manufacturer may breach the duty of care. There may be inadequate supervision during the assembly or manufacturing process, such that critical components are ignored or missing. The manufacturer may cut costs by using substandard materials or parts. The manufacturer may fail to properly inspect goods.
  • Negligent marketing—This breach takes one of two forms—a failure to provide properinstructions for the use of the product, or a failure to reasonably warn users of known or anticipated dangers.

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