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The Fatal Four—The Common Causes of Death on a Construction Site

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The Fatal Four—The Common Causes of Death on a Construction Site imgStatistics compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a division of the United States Department of Labor, consistently show construction sites to be among the most dangerous places to work. In 2021, approximately 20% of all workplace fatalities were in the construction industry. The research also indicates that the vast majority of construction site deaths happen in four particular situations:

  • Falls from heights—Approximately one of every three construction site fatalities involves a fall, either from an upper level of construction, a ladder or scaffold, or some other elevation. Common causes of these falls include the failure by owners, contractors and general contractors to install appropriate fall protection(mandatory under OSHA requirements when there are workers more than six feet above ground level), the failure to maintain equipment, carelessness in the assembly or construction of scaffolding or similar equipment, or negligence in hiring, training or monitoring workers to prevent such accidents.
  • Falling objects—Just under 10% of construction site fatalities nationwide were caused by a worker being struck by some falling object, such as a tool, piece of equipment, jobsite material or debris or even another worker. More often than not, these accidents are caused by the failure to maintain an orderly job site.
  • Electrocutions—Exposure to electrical current also accounts for about one in every ten construction site fatalities every year. These accidents occur because of poorly maintained power tools and cords, exposed electrical wire, water or moisture surrounding power outlets, and failure to take overhead power lines into account when putting ladders or scaffolding in place, or when using a crane or bucket.
  • Caught-between accidents—Just over 5% of all annual construction site fatalities occur when a worker is crushed when caught between heavy equipment, construction site materials or other objects.

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