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The Fatal Four—The Most Common Fatal Construction Accidents

Construction AccidentsThe construction industry is one of the most dangerous places in America to work, with almost 20 jobsite deaths a week. According to OSHA statistics, more than 900 construction workers were killed on the job in 2015, with nearly two-thirds of those fatal accidents resulting from four specific causes—falls from heights, falling objects, electrocutions and what are known as “caught between” accidents.

Falls from Heights

Without question the single greatest cause of construction site fatalities, falls from heights lead to nearly 40% of all deaths at residential or commercial construction projects every year. Statistics show that these accidents involve a wide range of careless acts, including:

  • Poorly designed, constructed or maintained ladders or scaffolding
  • Failure to install appropriate barriers, such as guard rails or construction fences
  • The malfunction of equipment used at heights, including cranes, cherry pickers, buckets, elevators and harnesses

Falling Objects

Nearly 10% of construction site deaths were caused by falling objects, including anything from tools or equipment to jobsite debris and building materials. In most instances, contractors and others had failed to take reasonable measures to erect barriers to keep objects from falling on workers.


Nearly one in ten workers (8.6%) who died did so after coming into contact with a live electrical current. Most electrocutions were caused by loose electrical wiring on a project, though about a third of the deaths resulted from contact with an overhead power line.

Caught-Between Accidents

More than 65 construction employees were killed in 2015 when they were trapped or crushed between heavy equipment, building materials and other onsite structures.

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