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The Most Dangerous Time of the Year to Be on the Road?

Statistics Show Summer Months to Have Highest Motor Vehicle Fatality Rate

Car AccidentIf you live in a northern climate, there’s no question that winter is the scariest time to be on the road, right? There’s snow and ice on the ground, and snow flurries can quickly put you in whiteout conditions. In survey after survey, most northern drivers agree that the risk of injury or death in a motor vehicle accident is at its peak in December, January, February and March. Unfortunately, though, statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission don’t support that. In fact, the NHTSA data shows that July and August are the two months of the year when traffic fatalities are at their highest.

So what’s behind this seeming anomaly? The NHTSA gives the following reasons for the increased accident and fatality rates in the summer months:

  • There’s more traffic on the roads — More people are inclined to take vacations in the summer. Over the past few years, as gas prices have stayed relatively low, more families and individuals are choosing to drive to a vacation destination. Often, those motorists are driving in unfamiliar territory, one of the common causes of motor vehicle accidents.
  • There are more young drivers on the roads — School is out, so drivers in the 16-24 age range have a lot more time on their hands. Statistics show that this demographic is responsible for about one of every three motor vehicle accidents every year.
  • Drivers may be more fatigued in the summer — The longer days often provide an incentive to drive greater distances and stay on the roads longer. Driver fatigue is also a common cause of car crashes.
  • There are more motorcycles and bicycles on the roads — Drivers may not see them or may not use due caution when going around them.
  • The roads are more likely to be under construction — Summer is “orange barrel” season across most of the country. Unfortunately, a relatively high percentage of motor vehicle accidents are in construction zones or around areas of road construction.
  • Road rage can escalate with increased traffic and hotter temperatures

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