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The Roles of Jury and Judge in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

What Do the Judge and Jury Each Do?

The Roles of Jury and Judge in a Personal Injury LawsuitYou’ve been hurt because of the negligence of another person. You’ve attempted, without success, to negotiate a settlement, so a jury trial has been scheduled. What will be the function of the jury, and what can you expect the judge to do during the trial?

The Role of the Jury

The jury has two primary responsibilities—to determine whose version of the facts carries the most weight and to apply the law to the facts in order to render a verdict. Jurors do not determine what law applies to the case or interpret what the law says—the judge does those things. A jury’s role is to decide the outcome based on findings of fact.

Because jurors are not expected to know the law, the attorneys for both sides prepare instructions for the jury, with the judge ultimately deciding what specific instructions the jury receives. Those instructions limit the power of the jury, telling them what legal conclusion they must come to based on the factual determinations they make.

The Role of the Judge

In the American legal system, the judge oversees the trial but is also responsible for all determinations of law. For example, as evidence is introduced or testimony taken, a party may object, alleging the evidence violates the rules regarding the admissibility of evidence. The judge has the responsibility to either sustain (uphold) the objection or overrule it.

The judge also has the responsibility to ensure that all rules of procedure are followed and may entertain motions to dismiss or for immediate judgment, based on the law.

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