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Was Your Injury Work-Related—Part Two

Was Your Injury Work-Related—Part TwoIn our last blog, we explained the basic requirements to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits in New Jersey—you must have suffered an injury and it must have been work-related. We also looked a couple of situations where there might be uncertainty about whether you are eligible for benefits—when you are on a break and when you are traveling. In this blog, we look at the other common instances where there may be questions about qualifying for workers’ compensation: injuries that occur at a company outing, and injuries that result from your own wrongful acts.

Injuries Suffered at a Company Function

It’s pretty common for companies to have team-building or employee appreciation events, such as golf outings, dinners and even more demanding physical activities, such as ziplining or ropes courses. What happens if you suffer a personal injury at one of these outings? In most instances, you’ll be able to file a workers’ compensation claim for your injuries, whether attendance was mandatory or not. The exception—when your actions are deemed to be unreasonable. For example, if you attend a dinner and get inebriated, you may not be able to file a work comp claim if you fall down a set of stairs. If, however, the company provided the alcohol, you may still have a claim.

Injuries that You Caused

Because workers’ compensation claims are considered to be “no-fault” claims—the law doesn’t care who is at fault—there can be instances where your own negligence caused your injury and you can still recover benefits. However, where you intentionally self-inflict injuries or where you willfully engage in horseplay or conduct in violation of known company policy, you will likely be prohibited from collecting workers’ compensation.

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