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When Should You Settle With Your Insurance Company?

Car Accident Injuries — Protecting Yourself in Negotiations With Your Insurance Company

Signing insurance documents In the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident, one of your first actions will likely be to contact your insurance provider. You may be surprised at how quickly they will offer you a specific dollar amount to settle your claim. You need to be very careful about agreeing to accept any type of payment from your insurance company. Remember, your insurer is a for-profit business. They have a vested interest in minimizing their payment to you. If they seem overly eager to settle your claim, it may be because they fear that they have the potential for a much larger payout.

Before you enter into any agreement with any insurance company, it’s always in your best interests to obtain a lawyer. Your attorney will have only one objective — to make certain you get full and fair compensation for all your losses. Your lawyer can ensure that you get reimbursement or payment for all medical care and other expenses covered by your policy without agreeing to any limit on the insurance company’s obligations under your insurance contract.

Insurance companies also know that some of the more debilitating injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents take a little bit of time to fully manifest. If you accept a settlement, it is typically in exchange for a waiver of any further liability. You should never agree to accept any kind of payoff from your insurance company until you know the full extent of your injuries.

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