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Why Bring In an Expert Witness in a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawsuit?

How Expert Witness Testimony Can Help Your Case

Why Bring In an Expert Witness in a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawsuit-ImgIn any personal injury lawsuit, success or defeat depends on the evidence you can provide the jury. Eyewitness testimony, though sometimes subject to doubt, can nonetheless have a powerful impact on a jury. In some, but not all, personal injury litigation, expert witnesses are called to the stand to help one side or the other make the most compelling arguments. What is an expert witness? How does someone qualify as an expert witness? What are the common objectives to be obtained through expert witness testimony?

What Is an Expert Witness?

As a general rule, an expert witness is not someone with first-hand knowledge of the facts of a particular case or who can testify with respect to what happened. Instead, an expert witness commonly possesses specialized professional knowledge or training in a subject matter or field that has some relevance to the case. Typical examples of expert witnesses include:

  • Accident reconstruction specialists, usually engineers or computer modeling specialists who can give a professional opinion about the cause of an accident or injury
  • Medical professionals, who can testify about the causes of an injury, the required care or rehabilitation that will be necessary, and the prognosis for a full or partial recovery
  • Financial experts, who can calculate the potential out-of-pocket expenses caused by the accident or injury

How Does Someone Become an Expert Witness?

A person may qualify as an expert witness because of certain skill, knowledge, education, training, or experience. There is no generally accepted minimum standard, but an expert must be qualified by the court (the judge) as an expert witness before they may give testimony. Ideally, the expert witness will be able to testify about similar cases with similar fact situations, which can be compelling evidence to a jury. Studies show that compelling expert testimony can often be the impetus one party needs to agree to a settlement.

What Are the Benefits of Introducing Testimony from an Expert Witness?

In theory, the testimony of an expert witness provides unbiased evidence, based on scientific or professional knowledge, rather than on a personal connection to either party.

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