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Why Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims Are Different

Why You Need an Experienced and Proven Personal Injury Lawyer

Why Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims Are DifferentYou’ve been injured while operating a motorcycle or while riding as a passenger on a bike. You just need a good personal injury attorney, right? Wrong! Motorcycle accident injury claims have a number of unique characteristics. You want a lawyer with the proven ability to get full and fair compensation in this specific type of claim.

The Unique Aspects of Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims

There are a number of factors that your attorney must be prepared to address when you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident:

  • Your injury claims are likely to be serious and catastrophic—On a bike, there’s nothing between you, the road, other vehicles and other objects, except for some safety gear, which may minimize road rash and similar injuries, but won’t protect you from serious harm. There’s no seatbelt, no airbag and no doors to protect you in the event of impact. Consequently, broken bones, paralysis, brain or spinal cord injury and amputation/loss of limb are far more common than in passenger vehicle accidents. Many of the injuries suffered in bike wrecks are permanent. You need a lawyer who knows the types of injuries to anticipate, the extent of those injuries and the amount you’ll need to compensate you for your losses, now and in the future.
  • Proving the cause of the accident can be present challenges—Some motorcycle-car collisions are pretty clearcut, but many motorcycle accidents don’t involve actual contact with another vehicle. Another driver may veer into your path, drift into your lane or cut you off without making impact. Furthermore, many motorcycle accidents are caused by roadway defects or hazards. You need a lawyer who can effectively show a jury how the motorist caused you to lose control or take evasive action, leading to the crash.
  • You need to counteract the cultural bias toward “bikers”—There’s a stereotype of the average motorcycle rider—the rogue, anti-establishment “bad guy.” Even if a jury finds in your favor, they may subconsciously be inclined to award you less than you deserve, because of the stigma. You want a lawyer who can overcome that bias.

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