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Why You Should See a Doctor After a Car Crash

Protect Yourself After a Car Accident — See a Doctor

Cracked windshieldIf you want the best chance of recovering full and fair compensation after a motor vehicle accident, you need to see a doctor after the crash. In a court of law, you will only be able to recover compensation for those losses that you can prove. Though you may be able to introduce pictures of your injuries, or have a spouse or other third party testify as to the extent of your injuries, the evidence provided by a medical professional is always far more compelling.

When you visit your doctor, remember two important instructions:

  • Discuss all abnormalities — Be sure to advise your doctor of anything that feels or seems out of the ordinary. You may be able to self-diagnose a broken bone or other serious injuries, but you may not know the symptoms of some extremely debilitating injuries, including spinal cord trauma or traumatic brain injury (TBI). Some of the more serious injuries may not be immediately or readily apparent, but your doctor will know how to test for them.
  • Get it in writing — Written evidence from a licensed medical professional is one of the most effective tools for helping you get full and fair compensation for all your losses. Ask your doctor to note all matters discussed in your file so that you have a documented history that can be introduced at trial and shown to a jury.

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