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Why You Want to Get Medical Treatment as Soon as Possible after an Accident

The Potential Pitfalls of Waiting to Get Medical Care

Why You Want to Get Medical Treatment as Soon as Possible after an AccidentWhen you’ve been hurt in an accident and your injuries seem minor, you can have a tendency to try to ignore them or shake them off. Whether it’s sense of false bravado or you simply don’t think you have the time to be hurt or to go through a regimen of care, waiting to get treated is almost always a mistake.

Your Prospects for Full Physical Recovery Are Better If You Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Studies consistently show that the sooner you get treatment for any type of injury, the more options medical providers will have. That significantly improves the odds that you’ll make a full recovery. It can also have a substantial impact on the amount of pain and discomfort you experience as a result of the accident.

You Eliminate the Risk of an Intervening Injury

Suppose you are in an automobile accident and you generally feel okay, but there’s a bit of stiffness in your neck or back. You may have some level of whiplash injury. You ignore the injury, though. Then, a few days later, you’re lifting something heavy at home and you suddenly have sharp pains running from your head to your lower back. It’s probably a result of the auto accident, but when you bring a lawsuit to recover for your injuries, you may have some difficulty proving that it was the car accident (and not the lifting) that caused them.

You Eliminate the Risk that the Defendant Will Argue that Your Injuries Were Insignificant

When you don’t seek medical care after an accident, it suggests that you really weren’t hurt. You may be able to introduce medical evidence at trial that some injuries take time to fully develop, but the jury will still be wondering why you didn’t get treated right away.

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