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Your Options When You Suffer Injury as a Pedestrian

The Potentially Responsible Parties after a Car-Pedestrian Accident

injury as a pedestrianAccording to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly 130,000 pedestrians suffered injury last year when hit by a motor vehicle. In addition, there were almost 6,000 pedestrian fatalities.

When you’ve been hit by a motorist while crossing, walking, standing or sitting anywhere near the road, your first course of action will likely be to bring a lawsuit against the driver. Under the laws of New Jersey, and in most states, a driver has the responsibility, upon getting behind the wheel, to remain alert and attentive to all surroundings, including the presence of pedestrians. Assuming you were not illegally crossing the road, you’ll have a strong case for recovery of damages based on the negligence or carelessness of the driver.

There are situations, however, where you may also be able to bring legal action against a local municipality for injuries sustained in a pedestrian accident:

  • A municipality may have responsibility for a poorly placed or marked crosswalk—In some situations, a crosswalk may be placed in a potential “blind spot,” where a motorist is not aware of it in time to slow down or stop. Crosswalks that are too close to a curve or corner or that don’t have a street sign, stop sign or light may be considered negligence on the part of the municipality.
  • A local government may be liable if roads or street signs/lights are not properly maintained—If a street light is not working or the signs at the corner are damaged or missing, a pedestrian may unintentionally enter the path of a moving vehicle.

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