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Looking for Evidence of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Nursing-Home-Abuse-and-NeglectWhen your loved one requires nursing home care, you hope that they’ll be safe, and that they’ll be treated with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, as statistics show, the incidence of abuse and neglect at nursing homes across the country is staggering—more than two million allegations of elder abuse are made every year. Officials estimate that approximately 10% of all seniors will be victims of some type of abuse or neglect in their declining years.

If you have a loved one in a nursing home, how can you be proactive to make certain they’re not being victimized? Here are some of the telltale signs of abuse and neglect in nursing home care:

  • Signs of physical abuse—Does your loved one have cuts, bruises, burns or other injuries that no one can explain? Is there evidence that they’ve been restrained? Do they have bedsores or ulcers or other medical needs that have not been handled? Is there evidence that they’re being denied prescribed medications? Does it appear that their bedding or clothes have not been regularly changed?
  • Signs of emotional abuse—Are nursing home workers always present when you visit your loved one, preventing you from being alone with that person? Has your loved one become withdrawn or less talkative? Is there evidence of depression, anxiety or fear? Does your loved one refuse to see you? Are there unexplained changes in personality?
  • Financial exploitation—Is there money (or other items) missing from your loved one’s room? Has your loved one suddenly acquired a roommate? Is your loved one not getting medical care, even though the resources are there to pay for it?

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